Twisted Tina Ear warmer

Some days when I get my hair done just right, the one thing that loves to ruin it is a hat! We work so hard to get our hair on point just to put a hat over it. Nope not doing it. So here's a quick and easy idea, crochet ear warmers. It cost under… Continue reading Twisted Tina Ear warmer

Crochet · Knitting

Knit and Crochet the Perfect Size Hat

I really really dislike having to count in crochet. It takes too much work to keep track and I can't deal with stopping to add crochet markers. As I get older, I start to learn things about myself especially things that frustrate me. So what do I do, simple, I avoid the frustration. I try to… Continue reading Knit and Crochet the Perfect Size Hat


Bowie Beanie

The cold has finally drifted in and let's be honest, the men in our lives can use a new beanie. I've been promising a video for the past few weeks but I swear adulthood is taking over so I haven't gotten around to it.  This week,  I'm putting my foot down and making my first… Continue reading Bowie Beanie