About Me

New Orleans 2015


Hi my name is Teai and I am the crochet addict behind SnowFlake Crochet. Just like peppermint tea, crochet soothes my soul. I started crocheting just 4 months ago to be exact. July 4th, 2015 is the anniversary of my first terribly crocheted bralette that I made for my boyfriend’s sister. She said she loved it but I begged her not to wear it. I made her a much better one just a few weeks later. It was a show stopper.

I grew up in the beautiful island of Jamaica where craft and diy was a necessity. My mom made all my uniforms for school with pleats and all, quilts, detailed crochet doilies for our dressers and almost anything else she can figure out how to do herself. Yes, she was just short of amazing. Never thought of myself as crafty or artsy. I was almost sure that gene had skipped my generation and was just grateful that I could cook.  

It wasn’t easy wrapping my head around all the terms, yarn being known as skeins, hook sizes, decreasing, increasing, crocheting in a round, and going from videos to reading actual patterns and then pictures. It did help that I was obsessed! It seemed as though every day I was learning something new and having so many ahha moments. I was getting good and I wanted to learn more and more. I started selling on Etsy but lately I came to the realization that all I really wanted was for all my friends and family to learn. No fun when no one else understands your mistake of yarning over and inserting hook 3x in a chain to create what you thought was a puff stitch.

Snowflake Crochet is for everyone, young and old. I will be posting videos as well as written patterns that were created by me for my favorite items in my shop. I will also be showcasing works and patterns from other talented crochet lovers. First and foremost I’m here posting for you. Any suggestions on how I can make any pattern or video more understandable for you would be greatly appreciated.

Ok dig in!





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